My birthday was the 29th of last month, and I had planned to post an extra poem, but things got busy fast and I forgot. So even though it's late, I hope you enjoy!

Open Eyes, Butterflies, Blue Skies, and Scars

He drank
Six bottles of beer
To drown out the words
Still ringing in his ears
She said
"I'll love you
Till the end of time
Nothing can stop this
You'll always be mine"
But then she had left
For another close by
Now no cure could heal him
But yet still he tried
He'd tried many times
To end his life
Many close calls
But his lungs kept up the fight
He felt so alone
When he closed his eyes
Even in a crowded room
She was always there
His demise
He tried to run
His feet wouldn't move
He tried to win
But he always seemed to lose
She was haunting
Never left his mind
Even though
The months had been nine
He couldn't stop
His racing heart
At the thought of her smile
Her mind was so sharp
It had only been one night
But he still felt the sting
She still weighed him down
Despite everything
Her deceptive hair
The heels that she wore
The fire in her eyes
Was still an open sore

But then in his haze
His constant shifting eyes
Fell on a girl
Who was fighting a lie
The boy in front of her grabbed
Her shoulders
The tears in her eyes
Not slightly
She put her hands to her head
All she wanted was rest
Dark circles were her companion
She felt abandoned
She tried to pull away
He made her stay
She crumbled to the ground
The boy left her then
Shaking his head
Murmuring what
They could have been
She sobbed on the floor
Trying to escape
There was nothing more
No warm embrace

He got up from his chair
Blurry vision
Messy hair
He tried to reach her
There in the floor
Her raven hair
Shone no more
The images of
A different girl
Left his mind
She was nothing
Needed no one
He was everything
He wished he wasn't
The girl on the floor
Was shaking now
Whispering things
Her head was bowed
He finally reached her
Crouched down beside her
Took her hand
The world was a blur
"Are you alright?"
Her eyes took flight
To meet his
"Excuse me..."
She hissed
She stood up
Wiping tears
"No not apologize
I saw that guy
From the corner of my eye
That is no way to treat anyone
No matter what they've done."
His arms reached out
And she melted
Everyone else disappeared
He saw the tears in her eyes
Her hand
Felt his
They began to slow dance
To a rhythm of pain
The music fell
There was no one else
They were by themselves
They both understood
Without any words
They danced a while
To the slow beat of the song
Her in his arms
For all time

As it turned out
They had things in common
Not only the hurt
Which was soon forgotten
They learned how to sing
The sweet song of love
And then they soared
Not unlike the doves
She was there for him
And him for her
They stayed arm in arm
For the centuries to come