I'm so, so sorry. My birthday was last week and things got really complicated and I was slammed. So here's an extra poem as an apology. <3 (Also, as a disclaimer: My parents are AWESOME. I couldn't ask for better. This poem is about a character that I created who was abandoned as a child. This character is NOT ME.)

Little Shopping Carts

Little shopping carts
At all her favorite stores
They remind her of her past
The childhood that was torn
She had to be an adult
Even before her parents left
Take care of the baby
Put her interests on a shelf
Two lefts don't make a right
She learned that the hard way
And not just for her own;
Her parents' mistakes she had to pay
The little shopping cart
She leaned on when she was young
She wanted to take it for a spin
But the kids, she was not among
Baby on her hip
She almost let words slip
Her childhood was gone.
Time to let go and move on.