You hurt me, you broke me down, you got me sick and you made my mental health even worse, had me feeling like I was a crazy person &' more depressed than ever. After 3 months of feeling like shit, feeling like I'm nothing but bound to you, all of the abuse, you left.

At first a part of me was depressed &' shattered, thinking that I can't be without you.. even after all you did to me. You were cheating on me &' blamed me. Had me thinking that if I looked like all those other girls you posted or gave my time to that you'd actually want me. Even when you left you claimed to love me, saying that I got a piece of your heart. I guess you lied, &' my dumbass still tried to get you back.

Right about now I'm glad you decided to leave. All the times I tried to before but didn't have the guts to. I'm finally free. No more choking me until I cant breathe &' tapping me because I said something you didn't like, no more cursing me out &' constantly hurting my feelings on purpose, &' no more talking to me like I'm nothing &' lowering my worth.

I used to be afraid of you before but I'm not anymore. You broke me &' you didn't give a fuck. That shit really opened my eyes bro. I tried to give you the world since I knew yours was falling apart, but you never appreciated any of my efforts. You claim you wanted a ride or die but I don't think you even know what that is.

I really dislike you but I'm glad you came into my life. You taught me a lot, both good and bad, but now you got me thinking every other guy who comes into my life is gonna be just like you.I hope you treat your new bitch better than you treated me, even though you got with her just a few days after we broke up, and I hope you change.

~To My Toxic Boyfriend. (Ex.)