Today I'm here with something fun and light. If you haven't seen this show yet, please do. One of the best ones ever created for sure. If you have... xoxo.

My inspiration came from... (▼)

How did you discover the show?

I had it on my Netflix list for an eternity and never watched it, until early this year when I found this girl's YouTube channel, Freddy (I'll drop a link at the end), and completely fell in love with her. She's Gossip Girl biggest fan so I ended up wanting to watch it. I'll never regret it.

Who is your favourite character?

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Queen B, of course.

Who would you see yourself being friend with?

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Chuck Bass, I just get him. I imagine myself being something like "his annoying conscience".

Chair or Dair?

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C H A I R. Do you see a trend here? Also, they're the definition of true love.

What's your favourite ship that would never happen?

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Jenny and Nate. They were a really cute couple (and Jenny seemed less dark with him).

If you were to be a character, who would you be?

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Blair Waldorf. I mean... she's my role model for a reason.

Who was your crush?

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Do I even need to say it?

What were your first thoughts on the show?

I often say that first episodes are a bit slow and boring (but necessary), this wasn't the case. 20 minutes in an I was already stunned and so into it. Gossip Girl is a masterpiece, truly.

I'm waiting to close all my opened TV shows to watch it all over again.

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed it.

  • Here, a gif from my favourite scene... (▼)
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  • Here, Freddy's link... (▼)
  • And here, my Gossip Girl collection, click only if you watched the show to avoid critical spoilers... (▼)

Hope you're having a lovely day. All the love. LR. xoxo

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