Today i want to write, i want to write about me, my story, my feelings, as i always did here. And i just thought, do you realise ? people reading what you feel, maybe there is some people who find some broken pieces of them in my writings. And absolutely no one knows who i am, and oh how much i love writing, and that's whyi want to keep this passion all for me , maybe i'm scared of being judged. i'm the kind of person who don't talk about her feelings or shows her emotions, and sometimes it's hard to keep everything inside of you, things were getting hard in my life and i didn't how to get better.
Can we say that writing saved me ? because it did, i tried to tell my close friends about my struggles, but i didn't know how to explain it, and i had the feeling that nobody gets me. So i just thaught, what if i write to strangers ? they can't judge me, they don't really know me, so maybe it will be easier to express my feelings.
But actually if you read my articles, just know, you know me better than anyone else. Here are the things that i never said to anybody, i wish i could, but i just feel weightless when i write everything that makes me sad. I have a lot of writings i didn't publish yet, but i still need to put everything together, so it makes sense, and believe me, that takes time.