hey there, angel! hana here with a new article, the very first of many many to come! so, for my first i will be giving you some/my own testimonies of good and also bad friendships and my thoughts of having friendships in general, let's get to it then, shall we?

( names won't be mentioned for the sake of secrecy and also because i don't know them all, hopefully it's understandable )

the first story i will tell was from one of my recent friends, he had a good and bad experience with his close group of friends and he decided to share it with me for the sake of my article. he looked so so interested he even took his time to write it down and send it to me, so i'll quote him.

"they're two sides of the same coin and i'm just there to appreciate what i have. i do treasure them though! so let me keep it short for you and tell you three of them! i'll call them K, G and J.

K is a problematic man. he's always out thee complaining about things he clearly brought upon himself and there is i, the listener who must suffer and stay tact in his presence. i'm not one to bring down an already sad man's mood! rather i'd help them, so it was a vicious cycle of me trying to to motivate him and him always ending up going against my advice after a day or two.

but of course, he's also one of the best men i've ever met. as much as he loved complaining and acting as if he was all-knowing and all his ideas were the best and correct, he tries to correct his mistakes and listen. he just can't stick to it. he' also always there to listen- so he complains as much as he listens and he cheers people up. yup, he does that a lot. so all in all, he's a mix of ' i'm so sad uGh ' to himself and ' please don't be sad that's not good ' to others.

next is G. she is.. a peculiar woman. really so! however she tends to blurt out information without knowing it full so i end up listening to half truths or outdated information. the bad thing about her however is that she tends to escape confrontations and also tends to be passive-aggressive. and the fact that she's a pushover as well. it would be a hard time to make her crack and speak, which was something i'd go the extra mile for just to understand her. who knows, maybe it was just a case of period pains.

the good thing is that she actually listens to advice and she can change with effort and eyes on her. she got better through the years and honestly, she's a precious bean you'd want to protect, always there to lend a hand, just a message or a call away, and just... shares everything with you. she's wholesome and it's easy to be warm with her, y'know?

the last one is J. a headstrong man. it's his best quality, and well, his worst.

being stubborn, he doesn't really listen to what you have to say and will just push his ideas over yours. right or wrong? no. there is only him and his words. either you listen and do or you listen and forget. he'll push his ideas and talk his way to make you believe he thought better. it would make you feel shitty, make you feel like you know nothing if you don't have a mindset solid to your own beliefs. however, all of that? he just cares too much and his words are too harsh.

he doesn't want any of his friends to be in a bad spot honestly, he isn't one to tell your problems with another person to. last time someone did, it almost ended up in a fistfight on a flight of stairs if i hadn't held him back by his shoulders. yup. don't tell him things because sometimes, it'll land you both in trouble. he's aggressive and protective towards special people. he never wants to see one of them be sad or plagued with problems. if it's a person, it'll end up with a fight.

he's someone you can really rely on. a diamond in the rough or perhaps, already a diamond in his own way."

to continue, i got shorter stories from others who wanted to give shorter responses but still VERY valid.

"i don't really want to go into detail but.. i had a friend on amino and i loved her sm, ugh. :(
when she was having a bad time i tried to text her everyday to make sure she is okay. but when i was going through a pretty rough time, she just left the chat."

"due to my extreme trust issues, i don't have much friends myself but i always had those people i thought were real enough for me to trust. as time goes by, i've said my secrets here and there which i now regret doing. one person i spent the most time with, betrayed me as he went to tell every single person in the community my secrets and personal issues. sad right? oh well."

honestly? there's always good and bad friends, it's bound to happen. toxic friendships are JUST AS RELEVANT as romantic toxic relationships and even just as traumatic as any other bad experiences. let's just say i had a fair share of really bad friendships and also good ones. i love socializing and meeting new people that don't make me uncomfortable or ignore what i simply need to say.

i had a friend, an amazing one with a vivid personality but also a very dark one, at some point i got scared and realized that i was very close to fall into the abyss where they were. we considered ourselves siblings because of our immediate connection since day one. me giving the extra mile but also being blamed and thrown down because of sacrificing time and effort for this person. a vicious cycle that i permanently had to step out of and now i feel better, better without those who called themselves friends when in reality they got to be my puppet masters. i'd never go back to people like those and now i choose wisely who to talk to and who to tell what.

i despise those who abuse their friends or partners and really all i want, my sweet angels, is for everyone to have great friends to mutually give positivity, have consistency but most importantly show vulnerability. three important things for a good friendship (positivity, consistency & vulnerability) to be healthy one that may last a lifetime. maybe i did find that person or maybe i didn't, i'll never know, friends always come and go, right?

anyways, one last thing. be happy, healthy, DO NOT SETTLE FOR BAD FRIENDS and get new ones who know that you're worth something. because each of us are worth so much more than money can buy. take care and hopefully you'll look forward to the next one. ciao! <3