Heres a list of things I've been enjoying the last month that I
had not particularly thought to try or enjoy before now:

  • Sunrises & Going out for breakfast
couple, love, and sunset image food, breakfast, and beautiful image
Sunrises feel more adventurous than sunsets because not everyone can see them. You have to make an effort to wake up while it's still dark and it just makes you feel like a tiny speck in a massive beautiful universe... but in a good way. Going out for breakfast just makes me feel fancy. ;)
  • Driving
car, luxury, and nails image
I get my license in about a month now, and getting my hours up so far has felt like a chore but as the time gets closer I'm kind of starting to enjoy it. Crazy excited for all the upcoming adventures. :)
  • Asian Takeaway
moodboard, hope world, and j-hope image
I've been getting a little sick of fast food lately but broooo like noodles cost the same as a Big Mac and they're sooooo goood!
  • TikTok
paint, art, and friends image girl and vsco image
Oh my lord I'm actually obsessed to the point it's unhealthy
  • Outfits
fashion, outfit, and white image
I don't really know how to explain this one but I've just been trying a little harder and taking joy in spending time picking out what I'm going to wear.
  • Film Photography

I know, I know it's basic but I picked myself up a disposable camera at the end of July... Then I bought another... and another.

35mm, aesthetic, and camera image Image removed
I just really like the way the end result seems to capture a moment in time. The anticipation of waiting for them to get developed instead of seeing them straight away is just so exciting also.

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