Hey people, we are in September and it's the beginning of a new school year. Today I've decided to write an article for those who start their year at the university but it can be also useful for you whatever your level of school, it's just a little bit specific because I will talk about my own tips because I'm beginning a college year. I hope this article will help you a little and make you succeed your school year (even if I'm sure you all are capable to succeed whatever you'll do). Enjoy! ღ

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First, clear your mind

Before starting a new year of school I recomand you to clear your mind, to less overthink and to focus on what's good for you. I know that a new school year especially at university can be scary and a source of stress and anxiety and that's why I'm gonna give you few advices to reduce your fears.

↠ Make new decisions, set a goal list if it can help you to see clear. Write down on the paper what you are looking for this year, your goals you want to achieve. When you will have written all this things you got in your mind you're going to have right in front of you all step you want to make this year.

↠ Create your own routine, for this new year you maybe want to start a new routine to follow. Know your timetable ans make your routine before and after your day of school. Create new habits, the order of things you want to do things. Your morning routine with your breakfast, makeup ect.. and your evening routine with your homework, skincare ans stuff.

↠ Confidence, keep in mind that you are strong, you are smart and you can succeed your school year. No matter how it is complicated you should keep your head up and know that if you are determined to achieve your goals, to pursue your study after it's possible. Don't devalorise yourself because you think you're not good enough or because you think someone is better than you. You can, you will and you will be proud of you.

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↠ Organisation will help to always know what you have to do and when, you will see clearer and it's gonna be easier for you. Create a shedule where you organize your homework and your exam dates.

↠ Use color, binders, post it, highlight important things on your lessons. If you use a computer do the same, highlight title and important informations, change the police for different part of your lesson.

↠ Don't procrastinate, we all have done this few time but I swear it is worst after. Doing your work on time will avoid you to have more and more homework to do if you procrastinate. Sometimes it's okay to be tired, stressed and even exhausted but trust me, motivate yourself and tell you that if you don't do it nobody will except yourself. You are the master of your future, if you want it like you want go for it and you will be proud when you'll see things you achieved.

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Have fun

Postgraduates studies are complicated and it requires a lot of work and regularity but we are young and we have to enjoy our life to.

↠ Have break between and after your homework. Working is good but too much is not. After it, go for a walk, walk your dog or spend time with your family, you will think about other things for a moment.

↠ During your week end and holidays choose a few days to see your friend, your lover. Go shopping, on a coffee shop, library...
Don't stay every time at home, go breath fresh air and free your brain for a while.

I hope It's have been useful and that you enjoyed it. I wish you the best and I believe in all of you. Love.