Hey little cuties ! Coming back today with a new playlist for you 🛤
Hope you'll like it 💚

To me, music is the most important thing in the world. It can help going through tough phases, and it also goes with you through really happy moments.. And later, when you listen to a special song, you'll remember these moments and see that only music can make you feel the exact same feeling that you felt.

🛤 Paper Aeroplane ~ Angus & Julia Stone

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🛤 Go ~ Louis The Child

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🛤 Mr. Crock ~ Un Groupe Français

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🛤 Come With Me ~ Echosmith

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🛤 Sleep On The Floor ~ The Lumineers

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🛤 Home ~ Phillip Phillips

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🛤 Wildfire ~ Seafret

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🛤 Big Jet Plane ~ Angus & Julia Stone

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Thanks for reading !


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