Hey guys so here's the part 2, the cottage house, of the article below:


autumn, fall, and house image
a cottage house on the suburbs of a city


home, kitchen, and interior image
cute and simple, because I would motivate me to start learning how to cook

Living room:

decor, decoration, and design image Temporarily removed
cozy with a fireplace

Dining room:

decor, dining room, and home image
big with enough space to gather family and friends in special occasions

Bed room:

light, home, and bedroom image Temporarily removed clothes and closet image
cozy and cute with a vanity and closet


home, decor, and house image aesthetic, bathroom, and design image
two bathrooms both simple and functional


candles, home, and light image garden, light, and outdoor living image couple, love, and light image backyard, family, and garden image
a big yard with chill out spaces and a pool

That's it guys hope you enjoyed it.Byeee!