hi loves! i've seen the 'if i were a..' tag around for some while and i'd like to try it myself. hope you like it!


beige, earrings, and ❤ image earrings, butterfly, and aesthetic image
i absolutely adore small, basic earrings.


kian lawley, boy, and smile image quotes, aesthetic, and different image
kian lawley! he seems like such a nice guy, i love his humour and he has a very nice clothing style. :)


tea, gold, and aesthetic image pink, tea, and quotes image
tea, because there a lot of flavours i like!


rose, flowers, and red image quotes, flowers, and bloom image
a red rose, 'cause it's my moms favourite flower. <3


strawberry, red, and aesthetic image quotes, strawberry, and poem image
i could eat strawberries all year round, but usually they only sell them in the summer :/


dodie clark and dodie image music, aesthetic, and song image
singing along to your favourite song, artist and/ or band. :')

mythological creature

angel, art, and gold image quotes, Devil, and angel image
i'm not even sure if angels are mythological creatures but it's like 11pm so pls just accept it


book, candle, and autumn image aesthetic, alternative, and book image
i feel most at home in my own bedroom or just my home in general.


aesthetic, window, and bed image quotes image
the first look out of your window after you wake up!

that's it! :)
check out my posts/ collections if you'd like to and i hope you have/ had a great day! <3