She fell.

She fell hard for the one she wasn't supposed to. But what sweeter love than the forbidden one, the majestic sin of wanting something that is not mean for you. Written in the stars their story was far from being made but her heart held the secrets of it all. Between teasing texts, quick glances, warm touches of skin, sparkly eyes in the night and souls finally speaking the truth, she fell, deeper, harder, faster, each time her eyes found his, but he wasn't there to catch her.

His arms wrapped around another.

Tender lips grazing his neck, whispers of sweet nothing and promises left unsaid. An arm on the curve of her hip, possessively claiming what was his. Them two and nothing else, in a bubble, him with her and her with him, the girl that holds the strings of his heart, not the one that fell for him unknowingly.

Not far away from them stays her. Cold glass in her hand, clenched, trying to hear everything but them, but failing at it. Every word, very touch was burning her skin but mostly her soul. How did she got here? Was love suppose to feel this way?
Closing her eyes, she's done what she did for so many times, she imagined her being the one engulfed in his arms. She could smell his cologne, see the smile that charmed her, for just a moment she was the one at the end of his affection but so far from seeing the escape.

Every fantasy is nothing but that, a fantasy, reality ruling over all.
Eyes open, taking a deep breath, she leaves the table. Two pair of eyes find their way to her, fake smile installed, is was theirs. Waving her hand goodbye, she receives smiles in exchange, just one more step, one more second to escape it all.
Back turned, her smile fell leaving behind a lonely tear. With the back of her hand she wipes it away. She loves him but she has to forget, forget and get over it.

Just for tonight, for tonight she will allow herself to feel pitiful. One more night of the thunder and storms that she felt for so long, maybe for too long. And tomorrow she shall rise like the sun, new and ready for war, a war she's got to win, cause this love is not gonna be the end of her.

cry, eyes, and sad image