I know, I know, lot of you are not excited for school/university, but we have to accept it by loving it. The real question is "How can we love it?" Personally, I try to adopt and adapt it. I usually try to make it much more enjoyable by following some simple tips, which are:

1) Organizing my Desk:

I cannot study if my desk is not organized. I feel as if I have a lot of things to do, and it demotivates me. Thus, organizing my desk and keeping only the stuffs that are really important such as pens, to do lists and my laptop helps me.

2) Cleaning and decorating my room:

When I clean my room, I try to get rid of things that I don't use anymore. Then, I redecorate it and try to keep it simple as much as possible. Having a clean atmosphere and positive vibes make you much more comfortable.

3) Making to Do List:

When I heard people talking about making to do lists, I felt that it is a waste of time and papers. Later on, I tried to make one, and it literally changed my life. Nowadays, I do detailed to do lists; I write down anything that I have to accomplish that day. As result, I don't forget what needs to be done and also, I feel released when I see how much I have done in one day.

4) Using Planners:

I don't use planners every day, but I try to. I write the days of my homework, the micro-tests and the exams. I use them also to note down both my academic and personal objectives, so that I can remember them.

5) Waking up early:

For many years, one of my biggest fears was to wake up and find out that 5 minutes have left for the clock to ring. Nowadays I can wake up at 7 am easily. It is better to wake up at an early hour so that you can prepare yourself comfortably. One of the useful ways that help me to do so is to put my phone far from me. When my clock rings I go where I have put my phone to stop it and this prevents me from going back to bed.

This is what I usually do when I start my academic year. I hope this will be hopeful.
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