I feel like most people don't have 1 aesthetic, we usually have different ones depending on how we feel or who we are inspired to be in this very moment.

The sophisticated, wine and coffee drinking art enthusiast

Mystery of love / sufjan stevens
gymepedie no. 1
la vie en rose / edith piaf

white, drink, and wine image aesthetic, art, and style image girl, aesthetic, and style image art, Blanc, and canon image 70s, 80s, and 90s image book, aesthetic, and theme image art, aesthetic, and sculpture image book, art, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed cat, book, and vintage image

The soft angelic baby

strawberry shortcake / melanie martinez
put me in a movie / lana del rey
how to be a heartbreaker / marina

girl image lips and pink image Abusive image food, Cookies, and pink image makeup, beauty, and pink image aesthetic, angel, and baby image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed food, aesthetic, and cake image baby, baby girl, and boys image

The edgy teen girl who likes to get drunk and skate

tyler the creator / yxngxr1
hot girl bummer / blackbear
why'd you only call me when you're high / the arctic monkeys

fashion, outfit, and style image alternative, black, and casual image girl, grunge, and vhs image girl, grunge, and style image aesthetic, alternative, and boy image aesthetic, friendship, and teenagers image Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and alternative image Abusive image grunge, black, and goth image

The girl who watches 80s/90s horror movies, likes to dance and sing

africa / toto
don't stop believing / journey
i want to break free / queen

alternative, clothes, and fashion image scream, grunge, and aesthetic image Image removed Abusive image look image aesthetic, clothes, and theme image Temporarily removed winona ryder, Heathers, and 80s image aesthetic, artsy, and blush image Image removed

The girl who's obsessed with meditating and yoga but also tarot and witch stuff and being close to nature

salvatore / lana del rey
season of the witch / lana del rey cover
stairway to heaven / led zeppelin

Inspiring Image on We Heart It fit, fitness, and fresh image quotes, body, and flowers image art image crystal and aesthetic image bath, crystal, and flowers image hands, stars, and eyes image girl, blonde, and yoga image art, girl, and drawing image crystal, aesthetic, and pink image