Yes, I'm only 15. I turned 15 in the 1st of September. Basically every person I met in my life says this orrible sentence:

"Oh! You look so much older!"

Do you know why I am tired of this? Because if they think I'm 18 or 19 they expect me to behave like I'm 18 or 19. I won't okay?! Everything I want to do is to enjoy my youth without worring about things like university or job, I want to live in the present.

Also I met some people that think teenagers are stupid, superficial and irresponsible.

Let's be real, some of us are. But most of us also have a personality, a critical thinking, opinions and some experiences too!

This article shows the biggest lessons I learnt in my brief but sometimes intense life. I hope you enjoy!

1-That bit of impulsiveness may make the difference

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2-Overthinking will make you loose experiences

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3-Music has the power to raise and to kill my vibes

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4-Curiosity and positivity are the perfect combination for a beautiful day

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5-Anxiety won't change the future, it will ruin your present

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6-My high sensivity makes everything more interesting and more dangerous at the same time

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7-Imagination is amazing but it can easily become toxic

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8-Rather have regrets than remorses

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9-Live every second like it is the last

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10-The world is huge and full of wonderful places but my neighborhood remains the best

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11-You are the best company you'll ever find

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12-Carpe noctem but don't forget to sleep

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13-The real friends are the ones that make you feel accepted even when you can't do it by yourself

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14-Past is past, don't live in memories

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15-Don't feel sad for a crush, he will disappear from your mind in five months (or less)

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Even if you don't think so, everything will be okay.