a song that has a color in its title

jesy nelson, perrie edwards, and jade thirlwall image Image by Abril💕
black magic - little mix

a song that has a number in its title

90s, filter, and glitter image Temporarily removed
7 rings - ariana grande
v, bts, and bangtan image aesthetic, aesthetics, and airplane image
airplane pt.2 - bts

a song that reminds me of summer

Temporarily removed beautiful, selena gomez, and hit the lights image
hit the lights - selena gomez

a song that reminds me of someone I would prefer to forget about

music, pity party, and melanie martinez image grunge image
pity party - melanie martinez
yellow, quotes, and charlie puth image Temporarily removed
we don't talk anymore - charlie puth and selena gomez

a song that needs to be blasted at the highest volume

Avril Lavigne, black and white, and complicated image Avril Lavigne and singer image
complicated - avril lavigne

a song that makes me dance

divide, Lyrics, and songs image divide, galway girl, and ed sheeran image
galway girl - ed sheeran

a song that I listen to while driving/riding in the car

quotes, text, and bts image aesthetic, tumblr, and bts image
love maze - bts

a song that makes me happy

little mix, wings, and quotes image Temporarily removed
wings - little mix

a song that makes me sad

aesthetic, grain, and kpop image meme, reaction, and kpop image
the truth untold - bts
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
ti dedico il silenzio - ultimo

a song I never get tired of

baby, black and white, and love song image selena gomez image
love you like a love song - selena gomez

a song from my preteen days

book, miley, and quote image Temporarily removed
the climb - miley cyrus

favourite 70s song

Abba, Lyrics, and music image Abba, dancing, and mamma mia image
dancing queen - abba

a song that should play at my wedding

lyric, Lyrics, and music image Temporarily removed
tenerife sea - ed sheeran

a song that was covered by another artist

cover, handsome, and kpop image jana, Lyrics, and random image
2u - jungkook , original song by justin bieber

a song I would duet for karaoke

high school musical, zac efron, and love image
start of something new - high school musical
Temporarily removed
what i've been looking for - hish school musical

yes, it's my goal since i saw the movies hahaha

a song released the year I was born

Image removed beyonce knowles, crazy in love, and queen bey image
crazy in love - beyoncè ft. jay-z

a song that has many meanings to me

album, background, and divide image flowers, rose, and white image
supermarket flowers - ed sheeran

a song that has a person's name in the title

Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and indie image
giusy - ultimo

a song I think everybody should listen to

bts, jimin, and wallpaper image asian, jin, and k-pop image
spring day - bts

a song that makes me want to fall in love

aesthetic, alternative, and background image sabrina carpenter image
why - sabrina carpenter

a song that breaks my heart

happy, tumblr, and ed sheeran image background, divide, and edit image
happier - ed sheeran

a song by an artist with a voice I love

Lyrics, ocean eyes, and billie eilish image billie eilish, aesthetic, and celebrity image
ocean eyes - billie eilish
quotes, grunge, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
youth - troye sivan

a song I remember from childhood

hey jude, the beatles, and song image the beatles, music, and band image
hey jude - the beatles

a song that reminds me of myself

quotes, grunge, and here image antisocial, grunge, and pessimist image
here - alessia cara