Every culture is expressed through proverbs and ways of saying that are handed down by generation.
Proverbs are simple phrases that can explain difficult concepts to you.

These are some Italian proverbs that will enrich you:

Those who have teeth have no bread, and those who have bread do not have teeth.

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Some people fail to take advantage of what they have.

Take the longest step of the leg.

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Which exaggerates not considering his real abilities.

Those who sow wind gather storm.

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Which exaggerates not considering his real abilities.

Relatives are like shoes, the tighter they are, the more they hurt.

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Having too daily and intimate relationships with relatives can cause problems.

Help that God helps.

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Start solving problems because then you'll find someone else to help you.
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Those who sleep don't catch fish. Idleness is not productive.

Pull more a woman's hair than a hundred pairs of oxen.

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A woman can move men more than a cart pulled by a hundred oxen can.

It's always raining in the wet.

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Those who are already lucky always get good things.

I hope it was interesting. Until next time!