Hello everyone and welcome to a new article, this article will be so special! And do you know why? I recently I'm over the 10 thousand followers here on we heart it. In this article, I'm gonna talk about my whi story and how I gained all these followers because you know, 10k is a lot. Also, I want to talk to you about what's going to happen with my account this year and I want to talk about some article ideas.

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It's difficult to explain how thankful I am but wow, thank you so much for everything.

First of all, I wanna say thank you to all of you, thank you for reading my articles, thank you for hearting them and commenting on it. At this moment you can only comment whit some emojis but if you want to say something about my article you can easily send me a message. I love receiving messages even more than just a heart. Do you know my Ramadan experience article? It is an article with not that many hearts but I received some beautiful comments about that article, something I really love and appreciate.

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How I gained these followers
I started gaining followers in Spring break after I started using collections. We heart its algorithm is weird but what I know is this. Whi, let automatically follow new members some collections about the things they love. When my friends made their accounts I also have seen this but back in the time, I didn't know this whole algorithm.
They automatically followed some account without doing anything. Now I know whi let them automatically follow some collections. But how can you be part of this algorithm? There isn't really one answer but you have to be active in your collections, everyday rehearting and adding to your collections every day is a must. There was a time I was really active in my collections and then I gained more than 100 followers a day. last time I'm not that active anymore so it is less than before.

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My we heart it story
My whi story starts in 2017. It was fall, the end of Oktober or the beginning of Novembre. It was an autumn break and I was bored in my room. I don't know anymore how I exactly found whi but I downloaded it and so my story here begun. I'm not sure if there already was a writing option but I don't think so. If you scroll down in my accounts page you won't find anything from this time because this is my second account. I had an account with a pseudonym first but I don't use it anymore and I'm happy with the account I have now.

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My first article on my old account was in 2018, maybe it was April or May or June I don't remember it anymore. It was a bad article, a really bad article without pictures or anything else. Just 5 sentences where I say some things about my self. It was called 'hello' just hello nothing more how bad can it be. :)

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I'm still on whi as you can see. I have my new account since July 2018 I think and I'm busy with writing articles since December 2018. I still love the app and website but most of all I love the people here. People here are always kind to you in my eyes. I've met some nice people here on whi and I chat with them a lot. I love to write articles for you and I love to hear that you like my work.

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some not with fall-related pictures! For the first time in this article. :)

I want to say thank you to a group of people in general. Everyone who ever wrote something about LGBTQ+, coming out, pride and all this stuff, thank you very much. your articles really helped me in my whole realising that I love girls and my coming out process. Thank you so much! This is the reason why I love writing about this subject too because other people here have helped me and now it's my turn to help other people with my articles.

Article ideas and upload days
So back to another subject, I'm absolutely not done with writing articles there is so much more I want to write about but sometimes I have the feeling 'I really want to write something but I have no idea what' anyone who also have this? I use a list on my phone and every time I think about it where I wanna write about, I put it in my list and when I want to write I look in this list with ideas. This was also an idea from my list. :) But because this is the 10k special I wanna ask you, about what should I write, in which subject are you interested. Send it to me in a message and I will probably do something with it.
Upload days, I would love to work with certain upload days in the week. I'm thinking about Thursday and Friday. I will try to do this but if this doesn't work for me I will stop with it. It can be that there is only one article in a week, I'm sorry about that but I'm a busy person too. :)

I'm on the end I think. I've said everything I want and I hope to see you Thursday, be sure that you click on the follow button so you don't have to miss any of my following articles. Thank you for reading this article, I love you all so much. Xx Linde

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Thank you all โค
My latest article!

Written and published on Friday the 6th of September 2019 โค