For most of us school has probably already started and it can be hard to try to stay motivated to get good grades. Over the past year, I learned these tips to help me stay motivated. Hopefully, these tips will help you get motivated!

1. Organize your binder!
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Getting a binder and organizing it to my classes helped me stay focused on my classes. Adding tab dividers for each of my classes plus a separate one for any tests. I love how you can customize your binder however you want. In the front of my binder, I made a colorful version of my class schedule and stuck in the sleeves and I put sticky notes plus notecards. If you get a white binder with a pocket in the front you can put whatever pictures you want there.
2. Making new friends
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This might sound a little cheesy but when you go off to college in a different state than all of your friends you won't know anyone. Making some new friends can help you become more motivated because you can form study groups to help each other out. Plus you know you both have to the same goal, to get a degree. It's always nice to go out with them and have fun to get a break from studying.
3. Take good notes
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Taking good notes is very important to learn the material in your classes. If you have bad handwriting or can't seem to take pretty notes on a binder paper then you can always take notes on your computer. I love using google docs and I can be more creative with my notes.
4. Get a new backpack
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If you're still using an old backpack from years ago and it's starting to fall apart or you don't like it as much as you did then it's time to get a new backpack. Getting a new backpack can be so fun because it's like a fresh new start. Look around online to at your favorite stores to see what kind of styles they have to see what you like. Make sure it's going to fit everything inside including a laptop if you're going to bring it to school.
5. Know what college you want to go to
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Deciding what college to transfer to can be hard at first if you don't know what you want to do. Once you have your major look into schools that you find interesting. Make a list of schools that interest you and know if you would rather be closer to home or far away. If you can make a date to take a tour of the school to see if it's really for you. If there is a day where different colleges come to your school to represent themselves then take advantage and see what they have to offer.
6. You will be graduating!
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Graduating with the degree you wanted is the goal. The reason why you put so much work staying up late to study all those nights. If you didn't get a chance to decorate your graduation cap in high school you can do it when you graduate from college. That feeling walking across the stage to get your degree that you worked hard for is going to be worth it in the end.
Quotes to help stay motivated
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Thank you for reading my article and check out some of my other articles below. I hope that this helps you stay motivated for school to get good grades. Now I have to go study! Have a fantastic day. ~ Chelseannerose