Hi hearters, today we have something that I wanted to do from the first time that I saw it. So I am going to make a Hogwarts character based on my liking,

Inspired from :


Name : Bethany Rainlow
Birthday : November 15th

Appearance :

aesthetic, white, and black image blue, eyes, and eye image Image by Jarbas Jacare freckles, lips, and girl image
She has black long hair, fair skin, freckles and a pair of beautiful sad blue eyes.

Personal Life :

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She grew up with her mother and her little sister on the mountains. Her father left them behind and chosed to fight on Voldemort's side while her mother was on Dumbledore's side.

Personality :

aesthetic, black, and black and white image Image removed girl, black and white, and smile image girl, cry, and gif image
She loves reading and listening to her favorite music. She is very good at pulling pranks on others and she laughs a lot but she turns into her sad self when you aren't looking.

House :

snake, gold, and slytherin image Inspiring Image on We Heart It slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, slytherin, and wand image

Favorite Professor

harry potter, severus snape, and snape image
Severus Snape


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A black wolf that has the same eyes with her. She found him into the woods when he was very small.

Her Crush

boy, water, and photography image harry potter, slytherin, and hogwarts image quotes, harry potter, and sirius black image water, grunge, and sad image
She is still in love with her old boyfriend that Voldemort drowned into a lake because he stood against him.


Image by ⭐ animals image
Her patronus is a hawk. Dumbledore told her that her patronus is her boyfriend's soul protecting her.


black and white, hibiscus, and old image flower, hibiscus, and black flower image
She smells like a hibiscus which is her favorite flower.

Voldemort killed her mother and sister in the battle, and she decided to drown her self in the same lake that her boyfriend was killed...