A show that encores the dark academia aesthetics.

Even though the ambience is not an university, the main scenario is a private school attended by the heirs of the city's wealthiest families children. The plot, however, begins with the collapse of the roof of a public school.

In a way of trying to make amends between the image of the construction company and the city inhabitants, whose children used to attend to this school, the private school's representatives select three students and offer them their services of more intense and focused high school education, students that live in a completely opposite reality, in the suburbs of simpler welfare.

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Because of the great differences, these three students are bullyied by other classmates, except by Marina, who shows a bit more of respect and tries to be closer to Samuel, and consequently to his friends.

Her brother Guzman treats her in a very condescending manner and acts as he had the obligation to always protect her from the world, which makes him to be severe to her and a total douchebag to everyone else. Although, in his mind, this behaviour is a deffence mechanism created by fear that Marina is going to suffer and be in bad sheets as she grows older and wastes her life in vain.

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This kind of behavior, not only from Guzman, but from her family and closest acquaintances makes Marina feel out of place, since she hides a secret and internal conflicts that clash against the notion of civility and perfection the high-standard families of society should display.

You can clearly notice that Marina is divided between the two worlds, and her intenseness is misinterpreted by both sides, which brings her closer to the verge of breakdows, as she gets involved with Samuel's older brother, Nano.

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Throughout the first season's eight episodes' narrative, Samuel, Nadia and Christian face drastic changes, in different contexts, in their social lives and the conflicts in family that this new world provides.

Between flashbacks, the peak of the show is reached when Marina is found dead by the pool meanwhile a party goes on at school and all of her classmates are suspects, even Nano.

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Fulfilled with intense emotions and very dramatic acting, the show holds the viewer's attention, leaving a taste of mystery in the imagination and accentuates how the human nature can be raw, controversial and distrustful.

Elite beautifully condenses the core of the dark academia aesthetics and is a great recommendation for those who feel intrigued by the subgenre and for those who never had a clue of its existence until reading this.

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Netflix has just released the second season and I hope you give it a chance and truly enjoy the ride. Thanks for staying this far, have a nice day.

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