WOW! I had no idea my post would get that many hearts. And I am terribly sorry I didn't continue the journey in writing. Truth is I damaged my foot again and got sick so I didn't have the planned progression towards the race that I wanted.

I did of course do the race. The race is called Trolljeger, and is one of the biggest ocr races in Norway. So I'm going to tell you how the day of the race went by.

The week leading up to the race I got a cold. Quite a heavy one actually, it started on the saturday before the race, on thursday I was getting better, so on the day of the race(saturday june 15th) I felt icky, but did the race anyway. I was also at work on friday, and had to go to work again on that sunday as well as monday and tuesday.

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On the day of the race I woke up probably already filled with adrenaline. Our starting time was 13:15. I was on a team with my brother and my stepfather. Me being sick, and my brother being quite out of shape, my stepfather was actually the only one that was really ready.

The first part of the course had a long distance with only running. It was sunny and my lungs couldn't handle it. So in the 30 first minutes I felt like I was going to die.

After 30 minutes we headed into the woods, and I could finally breath again and I was ready to give it all. However, my brother started complaining about cramps in his legs so it was going slow.

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We ended up being the last ones almost from start and the only people we saw were the ones looking over the obstacles(we had the latest starting time). I'm short and walking through all the mud areas was difficult. I fell face first in the mud 2 times and also managed to accidentally swallow muddy water once as well. We did however get through all the obstacles and only had to take burpees at one obstacle.

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We managed to cross the finish line all beaten up but smiling. And even though we finished last, we were not the ones with the worst time. I was so proud of myself when we crossed the finish line that I almost cried, but I was too tired to shed actual tears.

Cut to a few hours later while we are eating dinner I start feeling pain in my entire mouth, thinking it's toothache. I went to work sunday, monday and tuesday with immense amount of pain, and went to the emergency room after work on tuesday. It turned out that I had gotten a pretty bad sinus-infection.

It was a rough ride. With sickness and a damaged foot before the race and a body full og bruises and sinus-infection after the race. But I am still proud of myself. I am happy I did it. And YES, I am doing it again in 2021.

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