Autumn is probably the most beautiful and exciting season of all. New beginnings and new plans on how to make the best out of your upcoming school/uni/college year. Finally this year I'm starting uni myself and I've been looking forward to writing more about my uni life and tips of how to survive it and do something unforgettable.
This time I decided to make a list of essentials to survive this new captivating season of autumn.

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1. Candles

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Honestly, the best candles are the ones that smell like cookies, There are plenty of relatively well-smelling candles in Ikea and Zara home.

2. Leaf colour clothing

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All the browns and nudes and oranges look so awesome once you get out of home and walk on the streets while leaves are falling all around you. Can think of anything better? - Me neither

3. Umbrella

autumn, fall, and rain image girl, autumn, and fall image
Rain. What else can I say...

4. Hot drink supplies

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coming home and getting into warm sheats enjoying the rain outside and just drinking a cup of hot chocolate or tea is everything you need on a rainy autumn day.

5. Sweaters

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sweater weather

6. Boots

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rock those heels rock those flats- whatever that keeps you away from the wet feet.

7. Good book

8. Netflix account

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if you don't have one yet then you must get it. All the best series and so many spooky movies just perfect for Halloween and Friday nights.

9. Nude makeup palette

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I really like NAKED nude palette and if you're looking for something bits cheaper then go through Morphe cosmetics palettes cuz those are sick and not that expensive.

10. Nude/ dark colour lipsticks

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Kylie cosmetics candy k is just perfect and looks good on most of the skin tones. Also, Jeffree Star Gemini which looks similar to the following is also very cute.

11. Leather (fake of course) bag

chanel, bag, and black image bag image

12. Nails

nails and nail art image nails, nail art, and autumn image nails, style, and beauty image coffin, nails, and red image

13. Pumpkin spice

fall and october image autumn, fall, and kitchen image
Tasting that autumn feeling.

14. Raincoat

girl, raincoat, and sunglasses image beautiful, beauty, and coat image fashion, girl, and outfit image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image
Nobody's getting wet this autumn.

15. Waterproof phone case

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