Since my last article did pretty good ^^ im gonna write the second part of "back to school" series.


Teachers here hate girls that use makeup, so every girl tries to hide it. I think I did a great job with my makeup routine, cuz no one noticed it.

p.s most of makeup products i use are from seventeen

1.Skincare routine

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I wash your face not only with water but also with sulfur soap to help me with my acne. I also use a greek product, idk how to spell its name ://. In the end I apply my LR moisturizer.


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Apply the primer for an even, smooth and poreless base.

3. Foundation

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I prefer foundation (cream) (LR) for base makeup to cover my imperfections.

4. Mascara

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Most of the times i skip contour,bronzer and highlighter, and move on to mascara. I use the X-TRADIONARY from seventeen.

5. Lipgloss

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lipgloss over lipstick..always. I have different types of lipgloss (kylie, seventeen, farmasi, LR, golden rose...)

I never do my eyebrows (just brush them) bc my eyebrows are very full, thick.
So this is what i do to have a natural makeup for school.
Next im gonna do an article for hairstyles..if this one gets lots of hearts.

LOTS OF LOVE \(^o^)/

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