It's already been a year since we parted. I still remember that day.
You said that you needed something more, when did our friendship start to feel like a bother to you?
You reproached that I was too closed up and that if I continued being myself I would end being left up alone.
But life was just a game to you.

You're just so cynical.

We continued talking during some months, but nothing was the same. The countdown started since that words left your mouth, and none of us bothered to stop it.

You always used to complain about how people had the desire to be friends with everyone, even if they didn't like someone. Isn't it ironic that you are doing that now?

The day came. On my birthday you left, and I didn't reach out to you, I didn't want to.

Without you I realised the toxic feelings that you were injecting me. And one year after that you are what you swore to hate, and I'm working to be a greater person and building that confidence in myself that I needed.

These are my last words to you, the last time I'm going to dedicate you a simple thought. Because I moved on, why can't you do it?

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