| R E A L I Z E |

  • Understand what happened.

You've just gone through a breakup. You & your partner are no longer together. The end of your relationship has come, & it is not a dream. It is your new reality.

| F E E L |

  • Whatever emotion you are having, feel it.

You have to feel your emotions completely, because in order to GROW through it, you have to GO through it. Whether it's anger, sadness, or even shock.. It all has to do with that relationship, so you need to get it out of your system.

| L E A R N |

  • Figure out the reason that the relationship didn't work.

Whether it was your fault or theirs, SOMETHING happened that caused your relationship to end. Take some time to figure it out, & make sure it never happens again in another relationship. Learn from it.

| B R E A T H E |

  • Take time for yourself.

_This is essential (especially if you're coming out of a lengthy relationship) because you should take time to get to know yourself again. Whatever amount of time you were in your relationship, you had to change something about yourself to make that transition from single to taken.

| L I V E |

  • At this point, you should be free to do as you please.

_Whatever it is that you desire, especially things you couldn't do in your relationship, do those things now. Just make sure they're smart decisions & safe decisions. Or even go get into another relationship if you're ready. As long as you've done all the steps above, it doesn't matter how long it took you. Some people move faster than others, & vice versa. As long as you did what you needed to do to keep your mental healthy, go LIVE!

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