When we loved each other... When I was yours and you were mine, all I could think about was the rainbow we painted in the sky.
Colors all around us, like some abstract painting. Nobody could ever understand the bond we had, or at least, the bond I thought we shared.
I painted you yellow because it makes me feel happy and my mom says the color looks good on me. And then I painted you red because of how mad you made me feel.
Some days I think about you in green, just because my eyes can't seem to look past themselves. Other days my thoughts of you come in purple, 'cause my heart can't take anymore lies.
And then darkness overcomes and black is all I can see... Just waiting for the light to brush it white.
Sometimes my mind goes around you in blue, reminding me all the times you were cold and cruel. I can still hear all the words you screamed at me, painting my life in deep gray.
Maybe thats why I'm colorblind now and can't see your true colors, because I always mess them up somehow. Or maybe those colors don't even exist anymore because you stole them from me.
And now all I have is the memory of the rainbow that I used to be.