Erasmus wasn't an idea that I was fully interested in but I knew that kind of experience would be useful for me both academically and to grow as a person and became an adult. However after all the problems (consulate and school problems), I cannot say that I am excited or happy to be in here.

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This is my first day in Prague. City is cool. I like where I'll stay (a cute studio apartment). However I am sad. Don't know why I feel in this way. Last weeks before I came here has been hard in a way that I wanted to leave my home. But now, I just want to go back to my own campus.

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By the way, don't get me wrong, nothing bad has happened. Actually it did but I was able to solve it with a little help. Shout out to the kind woman in the Tourist Information Centre in the Praue Airport. My buddy couldn't pick me up and I didn't had any Krona. Plus my landlord didn't know much English, so that kind lady explained my situation and my landlord was kind enough to pick me up and didn't ask for anything.

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I think, after all those therapies I can give myself some credit and actually handle this journey. But it's not going to be easy. I just need to stay here for the very end and try to have fun as much as possible in my terms.

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I don't like partying, so I am not going to push myself to party. But I like meeting with new people so that's what I'll try to do. I want to focus on me. What I want and don't want. So that I can find the true me and have a pleasant adventure.

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I will try to keep a journal in here, so that I can share my journey with you and maybe if you are thinking about doing Erasmus, you'll have an idea what it's like. Please write me if you had similar experiences and how did you deal with them.

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Let's hope that it's true.

Thank you for reading, and see you soon.