'I'm lovin' your light, vulnerable
Lettin' your guard down, it's honorable
'Specially when the past ain't been that
Friendly to you but there’s magic in that
You the flower that I gotta protect
To keep alive in the winter time, ayy, don't you die yet
You been way more than a friend of mine, we more like fam
I raise you, you raise me, let's turn this whole life 'round
You can confide in me
I could take the weight up off your shoulder blades
And try to store the pain inside of me
Like why the world do you like that?
Like they don't know you God-sent, but me, I view you like that
I'm sneakin' glances thankin’ God that he drew you like that
Beautiful black child, come and shed your black cloud
For your vibe and your smile, I don't mind a lil' rain
I'm your dog, ears perk up at the sound of your name
Count on your main, wildfire, can't handle your flame
Download your shame, wild high, come drown in your fragrance
You that red pill that a nigga found in the Matrix
Before I had you this shit was fantasy
You plant a seed to grow some roots, a branch and leaves
Becomes a tree of life until our nights are filled
With peace from stress and strife
And that's the blessing that I get from wifing you
'Cause you entrusted me with the key to your heart
Beating you smart
'Cause even though I need a new start
Due to my past transgressions, you believed in me
I guess the light I see in you is what you see in me, Lord'

6LACK - Pretty Little Fears ft. J Cole