Hydrogel is a generic term relating deliquescent polymers utilized in oil recovers, medical grafting supplements, clarification of potable and waste waters, dewatering sludge, mining separations, food process, care product, laboratory provides etc. deliquescent gels called hydrogel square measure cross-linked materials riveting massive quantities of water while not dissolving that absorb substantial amounts of liquid solutions. Softness, smartness and also the capability to store water create hydrogel distinctive materials. Hydrogel-forming natural polymers embody proteins like scleroprotein and gelatin, and polysaccharides like alginate and agars. Artificial polymers are kind of hydrogel square measure historically ready mistreatment chemical process strategies. Approaches mistreatment recombinant DNA technology and synthesis methods to make distinctive colloidal gel materials are recently rumored. Another facet of hydrogel is that the gel of single chemical compound molecule, that is, the network chains within the gel square measure connected to every different to make one massive molecule on macroscopically scale. The terms gels and hydrogel square measure used interchangeably. The gel may be a state that's neither utterly liquid nor completely solid. These 0.5 liquid-like and 0.5 solid-like properties cause several attention-grabbing.

Benefits of hydrogel -:

HYDROGEL has the power to soak up and unharnessed the water unendingly over an amount of many years. It’s a special feature of rewetting itself quickly even once it's been dehydrated utterly.
The water holding associate degreed absorption capability of AGRI colloidal gel decrease in a liquid medium because of the presence of electrolytes. This influence of salts is that the reason for the very fact that its water holding capability in a very substrate varies around 100-150 times its weight.

The holding capability of the soil will increase and therefore the weakening purpose is delayed, thereby reducing the irrigation frequency to as low as five hundredth. Two grams of AGRI colloidal gel intercalary to one metric weight unit of sandy soil will increase the water holding capability of the soil to double as compared to the untreated soil.
As the watering frequency is reduced by half-hour to five hundredth because of associate degree will increase water holding capability of the soil, it reduces the labor price and conjointly the number of water needed.

Some other benefits-:

1. High absorption capability in saline and water conditions
2. Optimized permeability underneath load (AUL)
3. Lowest soluble content and residual chemical compound
4. Low price
5. High sturdiness and stability within the swelling atmosphere and through storage
6. Gradual biodegradability while not formation of venomous species
7. PH‐neutrality once swelling in water
8. Icon stability
9. Re‐wetting capability.


Hydrogel application in most the check crops (cereals, vegetables, oilseeds, flowers, spices etc) has resulted in vital improvement within the quality of agricultural manufacture in terms of fruit size and color, sweetening in yield and exaggerated plant biomass. It’s conjointly resulted in reduction within the frequency of irrigation, reduction within the dose of fertilizers and improvement in hydro physical surroundings of soil and high profit value quantitative relation.