Hey guys so I wasn't going to do this but here I am. Melanie Martinez just dropped her sophomore album "K-12" 30 minutes ago (from when I'm typing this) and so I'm going to do my favorite songs and lyrics from this album. I've done this with Ariana Grande's "sweetener" and "thank u, next" albums and I enjoy doing these a lot. Disclaimer: Melanie has been releasing snippets for her songs over the course of three months but I did decide to listen to each song because snippets can't always do a song justice. Let's get started

1. Lyrics: Maya's letting Dan put his hands up her skirt
And she's got her hands down his pants
I know the driver sees it
I know he's peaking in the review mirror
He says nothing
Trying to ignore it
It's fcking boring
I'm quietly observing
I'm saying nothing"

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"Wheels on the Bus"

2. Lyrics: "The hassle, the fighting, they all want a piece of me
Photos more photos
Make gossip about hoes that they don't know
Oh, they talk shit though"

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"Lunchbox Friends"

3. Lyrics: "Can we just be honest?
These are the requirements
If you think you can be my one and only true love
You must promise to love me
And damn it, if you fuck me over
I will rip your fucking face apart"

Lyrics Pt. 2: "If you can't handle a heart like mine
Don't waste your time with me
If you're not down to bleed, no whoa
If you can't handle the choking, the biting
The loving, the smothering
Til you can't handle it no more
Go Home"

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"High School Sweethearts"

4. Lyrics: "People gonna say
"If you need a break, someone will take your place"
People gonna try
To tell you that you're fine, with dollars in their eyes
Just remember
Don't let them fuck honey, no oh"

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That's all for this. I know it was super short but the album just came out so once it's been a while I'll do an updated one and we can see what other songs have grown on me. Until then here is my last article. Bye for now

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