Hello people!

So here is the thing...I have been extremely exhausted lately and I don't really know why because I have been sleeping normal hours. Probably it is because of all the things I have been doing lately.

Also I had a weird daydream today (if you didn't know that, I daydream a lot which is really cool but makes me a very unfocused person when I am not doing important shit) in which someone told me I had all the capabilities of making the project I am working come true. But then I had this pep talk with myself on...how it was okay if it didn't come true because that meant that it is just not for me even though I want it so bad. You feel me?

On another note, yesterday I hanged out with my friends Kike and JP and honestly I had so much fun. They picked me up out of blue and we went to get some ice cream. We stayed in the parlor for like and hour talking about crazy shit. They are really the best, I missed hanging out with them.

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Day 24: Write about the weirdest experience in your life. Thanks Isa

Okay so I think I have talked about that I am weird person. But it is not necessarily weird I just like things that a lot people around me consider "weird". I have done weird shit before like actually enjoyed playing with a brain in Biology Lab, getting on the same roller coaster three times because I wanted to actually feel dizzy and being certain to get down to eat frogs in China...I am actually looking fordward to that.

Eating a Shrimp's Head

Before you start to say shit like: omg you are so weird why would you do that you psycho, lets hear the story.

My dad was living in New Jersey back then, near Manhattan and he had some nice Japanese friends. One night they invited us to have diner at their place so we could make homemade sushi and eat some noodles. I think we bought some dessert in a bakery on our way so you know...as a "Thanks for the invitation" gift.

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When we arrived Mikiko and Taka made us take our shoes off and gave us some slippers, I remained in my fuzzy socks. I asked why we had to do that every time we came to visit. They responded that when you walk inside a house with shoes that have been in the street you bring all the dirt in your home, not only physically but the bad energies too.

As Mikiko, her girlfriends and I were cooking in the kitchen (in my case read: watching them cook), Taka turned on the rug in the living room. By turning it on I mean that the rug had a temperature system, he did it so I could lay down and take a nap because I was too tired. I went, laid down in the fluffy rug and fell asleep safe and sound.

Getting into brain business

So when I woke up, Mikiko lead me to her long-ass dining table which is set with beautiful black china and asian styled art on them. There was so much food that my mouth watered. The salmon cuts, the rice, the seafood, and so many other things that just looked so yummy yet unknown to me. Taka showed my dad and I how to make the homemade sushi, nothing too elaborated. Literally you grab a squared-cut seaweed, place rice on top of it, then put the salmon or seafood on it, roll it with your own hand and Bon fucking appetite!

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The brain business

You know how when you buy the full shrimp it has de head, which is hard, and the tail, which is the part we all eat? Well, Mikiko had bought very large shrimps with their bulky head just laying in the fine china. She told me I had to separate the head from the tail, skinned the meat and then I could eat the typical shrimp. I eat it and it was so delicious. It was super fresh and perfectly cooked. Heaven. But then I look up and see she is holding a small spoon towards me. I take it and ask her for what it was. She said to eat the shrimp's head.

I have this awesome ability to raise my left eyebrow and get a full cartoon-questioning-look on my face. I showed her my face and she laughs telling me it is completely normal...


  • You pick up the head from the plate.
  • You locate the nearest soy sauce.
  • You let a drop of soy sauce inside the shrimp's head.
  • You take the spoon from Mikiko's hand.
  • You dip the spoon into the shrimp's head.
  • You eat the shrimp's brain, which is not hard whatsoever it is liquid.
  • And last step... you actually really enjoy it.

I have to say that it was a really weird experience for me and is the one I most vividly remembered by my cute-ass brain. I am sorry if I have made you lost your appetite but I am just informing y'all. Go ahead and venture with food! Don't be cowards, you will get surprised by the weird yet delicious things we may find.

Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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