Hi again!

September is here and that means I get to review August!


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August where I'm from is still veeery hot, so I kept it casual with jeans and shirts, but I retook using makeup daily because school is back


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I've been obsessed with Conan Gray's and Declan McKenna new stuff! And overall I'm listening to a lot of energetic music to keep me going


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I haven't really watched anything new lmao, school began so it's been crazy, but I did treat myself to some disney movies the other day


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The biggest thing I've done this month is trying to be zero-waste (wait for the article about that!) and I've been IN LOVE with it! It's been so much easier than I thought and I'm giving a little bit back to the planet


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This past month was crazy because school. The fast pace caught me off guard so I've been trying to level my life, but I've also missed that