Mohare Danda Trek is one of the newly opened trekking trail and eco-lodges community base trek in Nepal. This trek is in all likelihood domestic stay and natural trekking trail in Nepal.

Mohare Danda trek in the foothill of Annapurna is well known as Eco Lodge Community Trek. A newly opened trekking route in an off beaten trekking trail of Annapurna Region is bounded by lush forest oaks, bamboo, pines and several varieties of rhododendron along with ample waterfalls and rivers. It is the best alternative to skip the overcrowded treks. This short trek takes you to the ultimate height of 3300m above the sea level from where you can observe the majestic views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalayan ranges. Not only the natural beauty but rich culture of Magar and Gurung communities is also the main highlights of the trek. Trekkers can enjoy the wonderful culture, heartwarming hospitality, their friendly nature. They can easily connect with the local and their social life. Direct interaction with the local people helps to generate some ideas regarding their day to day life in the Himalayas far away from hustle and bustle cities. All accommodation or lodges are either homestay or community-based lodges. Those communities offer domestic staying and preserve sustainable eco-tourism.