I know Euphoria has been talked about a lot lately and there are many articles over it on We Heart It. But instead of doing my homework like I should be doing, I couldn't help but add another to the immense collection. I am literally OBSESSED with Euphoria. I love everything about the show. I love the makeup looks, the outfits, the characters, and especially the cinematography and soundtrack.

Favorite Scenes

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This scene is what basically got me hooked to the show. One of the things I liked about the first episode was that we learned so much about Rue in literally the first five minutes. This scene was just so well put together. The lighting, the music, everything went well perfectly.
detective, euphoria, and gif image
When I was watching this episode, I couldn't tell at first if it was actually happening the way it was presented or if it was just how Rue was imagining it. But either way, its one of my favs. "I'm a fucking genius!"
euphoria and zendaya image
THE. DANCE. SCENE. Everything about the dance scene was epic. Maddy dancing with some random guy to piss off Nate, iconic. Rue confronting Nate about Jules while the music in the background builds the anticipation was, again, iconic.
sydney sweeney, euphoria, and cassie howard image
Cassie's ice skating scene was so pretty. I love that Cassie is an ice skater, I feel like that sport fits her so well. "My Body is a Cage" by Arcade Fire goes well with this scene too. I just love ice skating in general.
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This scene is just so beautiful. They way they blocked out everyone's voices as Jules and Anna were talking, the lighting. And the cover "I'm Not in Love" by Kelsey Lu is beautiful, no other song could have done justice. I would say this is my overall favorite scene from the show.
euphoria, maddy perez, and cassie image
I love the way it was shot, the events that happened, and the background music especially. The music was giving me a rush-like feeling. I felt so bad for Cassie when Mckay said those things to her, I wanted to give her a hug. But during the carousel scene...I was getting second hand embarrassment.

Favorite Make Up Looks

All of the make up looks are amazing but here are some of my favorites.

euphoria and Jules image
I loooove the spikes. I've never seen anything like this.
alexa demie image
So simple, yet so cute.
euphoria and Jules image
aesthetic, blue, and euphoria image
Even though you can barley see, glitter is a good look for Nate. I still hate you Nate! No matter how hot you look with glitter on.
body and euphoria image
Another make up look from the crazy halloween party. Kat's makeup is so badass.

Another honorable mention was Maddy's makeup from the halloween party. Her costume was pretty cool too. Still can't believe Nate had the balls to go as a prisoner after what happened, yikes.

Favorite Outfits

alexa demie and sydney sweeney image
Maddy's look is so extra, I love it. And Cassie looks so sweet in her cute little pink dress. It looks kind of vintage-like to me. And I loved that the makeup artist decided to go for a "bare" look for her makeup. If you go on her Instagram, @ kirinrider, she explains why she did that.
Image by 🦋
I feel like everyone fell in love with Maddy's two-piece Louis Vuitton set.
euphoria, Jules, and hunter schafer image
This outfit is so cool and looks amazing on Jules. And the makeup goes so well with it also.
euphoria, alexa demie, and aesthetic image
This outfit is so sweet and delicate looking. Super cute.
euphoria, hbo, and girl image
I know I'm using the word cute a lot but... this outfit is CUTE. I want to recreate something like this. One of my favorite Jules outfits.

The Characters

Every character has their own background story. And every character has their flaws. I find it really hard to choose a favorite character because I see the good in every single one. For Nate, at times I feel sympathy for him. Especially after his break down in episode 8. But then I remember all the stuff that he's done and I'm like "Wait, no! He's a bad person, don't feel bad." I guess I understand the way that he has turned out but it still doesn't justify anything. Kat was starting to piss me off in the later episodes when she started to get all cocky. But I'm glad that was over in episode 8 and she and Ethan will now have a thing going on. Ethan seems like such a sweet boy. Also, WE NEED AN EPISODE FOR LEXI AND FEZ. ESPECIALLY FEZ. Even though Fez is a whole ass drug dealer, I still love him. And I feel sooo bad for Tyler. He's literally a victim in all this. He didn't know Maddy was underage, he got beat up badly, and now he's in jail for "choking" Maddy. Poor guy.

Future Predictions for Season 2

I feel like whoever the person was who video chatted with Kat and told her to get naked will use the fact that Kat webcams against her. That scene overall was just so creepy and I'm kind of worried for Kat. As for who the person is, I literally have no clue. Some think its Ethan but I really hope its not.

I'm so sure that Maddy will also use the tape of Jules and Nate's dad against Nate in someway. Like maybe in the next season Nate won't leave her alone so she uses the tape to get him to go away. Or she uses the tape to get Nate to confess to everything that he's done.

I kind of feel like they're going to do an episode for Gia. To show her perspective about Rue's drug abuse. If they do, I think it'll be about how Rue gets all the attention now and her mom barley pays any to Gia or something like that.

The End:)

I think I wrote a little to much.. oops. I just have so much to say about this show, sorry if I bored you<3