Hope you like it!!

1. How often do you lie?
Not too often but i always try to hide my personal things

2. Honesty or Loyalty?
Both are important, if you are honest then you are at the same time being loyal. Telling the truth to a person wether it hurts or not is loyalty.

3. 1-10, How honest are you?
I'm going to say 7 or 8, maybe sometimes too honest.

4. Do you always say what you really think?
Most of the time, sometimes I probably shouldn't.

5. Have you ever lied to your parents?
Yes, too often. When I was a child I´ve never lied to them before but they´re so overprotective and i have anxiety and depression so most of the times I say that I´m okay when I´m not, that I´m not drinking when I do it . Things like that.

6. Have you ever stolen anything?
A book in my class but tecnically i didn´t stole it cause was mine and a classmate stole my own book. I just take it back

8. If you were someone different would you like to be friends with yourself?
Yes I mean I´m honest and I don´t like other people business like how do you live and that material things. I love my friends if they show me that I can trust them and one time that happens I´m so generous so yes.

9. Have you ever pretended to be someones friend but you actually weren't?
No but in my exgroup of friends there were two that I didnt liked but I already told them and my face told everything

10. Can you keep a secret?
Always, unless it goes against my ideologies

11. Do you think you are trustworthy?
I believe I´m.

12. Is it hard for you to admit that you are wrong?
Yes, I´m a person that always want to be right but if i´m wrong I´m going to end admiting it

13. Why is honesty important to you?
Honesty is one of the most important things in a person. I really valore it and I like my friends and family to be honest with me. I don´t like lies I think that bad lies are stupid you´re just being hypocrite so I like honesty cause it´s the base for every relation. Honesty goes with trust. If you trust you partner the relation is going to be perfect.