1.- The Nutcracker

winter, snow, and castle image Temporarily removed blue, fairy, and photography image ballet, pink, and pastel image christmas, light, and stars image aesthetic, beautiful, and gold image Temporarily removed ballet and barbie image

2.- Rapunzel

beauty, flowers, and princess image flowers, tower, and castle image art, pastel, and pink image hair, long, and purple image Image by Andrea (•–•) pink, mask, and masquerade image art, beach, and painting image dragon, sky, and fantasy image

3.- Swan Lake

Swan and lake image forest, tree, and nature image ballet, dance, and ballerina image Image removed Copyrighted image forest, nature, and tree image Image by Andrea (•–•) Temporarily removed

4.- The Princess and the Pauper

cape, enchanting, and forest image bubble bath, fashion, and outfit image crown, fashion, and gold image cat, animal, and pet image books, light, and cooffe image Temporarily removed blue, door, and gold image hair, flowers, and friends image

Soon I will make the 2nd part with the next barbie movies

Hope you enjoy this one :)