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Here's a new "If i were..." based on Glee! I'm rewatching the serie on Netflix, so it's a way to connect more with that universe.
I was inspired by these two article over here:


Dana Williams was 16 years old when she arrived at William McKinley Highschool.


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She always had one’s head in the clouds, what make her quite a lot clumsy. She don't show it but she's anxious. The only things she find to hide it is trowing jokes, acting characters.

Audition Song:

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When the Glee club was looking for new recruits, her first reaction was telling a quite... awful joke. It was about how ridiculous it would be to go on stage... She didn't meant to be mean, she didn't know how to react. In fact, when members take it for them, this joke was on her and her anxiety. She was scare to sing with them on stage and just being ridiculous. This whole situation make her in trouble with them, so to apologize, she sang an acoustic version of Hurt from Mika. That's how she get to the glee club.


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Ryder and Dana quickly became friend, but she secretly had a crush on him. She also get well along with Unique, with who she finally let hershelf get crazy without worrying, and finally, Jake. Ryder and him always like to tease her, they are like the three musketeers, except they spent more time having fun than anything else.


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Dana never managed to like Tina. She knew how to stay reasonable, not making scandals. But she could never bear her whimsical side, wanting at all costs that everything revolve around her.

Love Interest:

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Since her arriving in the Glee club, her and Ryder get along well. He didn't need long before forgiving her terrible joke. He was her first friend in that school so they started hanging out together a lot. She quickly developed feelings but wait a long time before finally telling him. They started dating their last year of highschool.


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She is bright, so as her life, it's colorful.

Her solos/duets/trios:

Salt - Ava Max
— Solo
Happy Pills - Weathers (acoustic version)
— Solo
Hush Hush; Hush Hush - The Pussycat Dolls
— Trio with Marley and Unique
Senorita - Camilla Cabello & Shawn Mendes
— Duo with Ryder
Rolling in the deep - Adele
— Solo

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