Debut date: 2016.02.18 12am KST

Concept: Mysterious, dark, sexy, demons and angels

Album Name: Angels wear horns too

Cover album:

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1. Lucifer
2. 지옥 (inferno) ᵗᶦᵗˡᵉ ᵗʳᵃᶜᵏ
3. wink demon
4. HEX
5. 333
6. the misfortune of black cat

1. Lucifer

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Sounds like Reflection (BTS) - It's a short song but with intense lyrics about toxic relationship

2. 지옥 (inferno) ᵗᶦᵗˡᵉ ᵗʳᵃᶜᵏ
Sounds like Bad Boy (Red Velvet) - Talk about the danger that hides in the dark

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The MV starts with the camera gradually focusing on a dark corridor. A loud shout is heard. The music starts
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Sky is in a white toilet's pub that is in contrast with her outfit and black hair. She raps in front of mirrors while applying lipstick. She smiles showing her teeth that have become fangs. The camera focus on her face and Sky look into with a deep gaze, the scene transitions with Sky opening his mouth and the camera goes inside
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Yon appears in an empty room, seems misplaced. Yon runs to one of the walls and hits hard with his hand. Yon turns quickly, as if there was someone behind her. The scene ends when it disappears from the plane. Another scream is heard
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Hwan appears in a pool, it's night. Hwan looks out over the water, and her reflection changes. Frightened she leans back, stumbling and falling to the ground. Hwan hits her head and loses consciousness. The camera captures a plane from her back, which moves away, showing the runner from the beginning. She singing with a low tone, like a spell, the camera captes her face and shows her eyes turning white. The screen turn black. The music ends, and the last scream is heard

3. wink demon

Devil, aesthetic, and purple image soul, dark, and Darkness image
Sounds like Face (WOOSUNG) - Talks about how a simple wink of a girl it makes you fall in love with them

4. HEX

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Sounds like Psycho (BAEKHYUN) - Talks about history of a couple that breaks for the jealousy of both

5. 333

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Sounds like Crescent (ATEEZ) - Talks about how a person has an angel and a devil inside (a good side and a bad side)

4. the misfortune of black cat

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Sounds like Hard to say goodbye (BAE JINYOUNG) - Talks about a girl who is blind and her cat is always next to her