Hey guys, saw an article like this a couple of weeks ago and I really liked the idea, I couldn't find the article that gave me the inspiration tho.
I actually have two dream houses in my mind, one is an apartment and the other is a cottage house so lets get right in to it.

The apartment:

city, house, and new york image city, view, and aesthetic image
It would be either on the center of New York or the suburbs


interior, kitchen, and house image amazing, architecture, and cozy image
a fancy one for the flat in NY and a smaller or simple one for the one in the suburbs

Living room:

beautiful, Best, and city view image decor, living room, and pink image
a big room for the NY apartment or a cozy and cute for the suburbs

Dining room:

aesthetic, dining room, and dinning room image home, house, and interior image
a clean and big dining room for the NY flat or a small one where I can still enjoy family and friends gatherings


bedroom, luxury, and room image Temporarily removed
a huge room with a view over the city in NY or a small and cozy room in the suburbs


bathroom, home, and bath image bathroom, home, and decor image
either something fancy for the apartment in NY or more simple and cute for the other in the suburbs


home, luxury, and apartment image home, balcony, and night image
a huge balcony with a view over NY or a cozy one where I can be alone and think or have a group of friends to come over and watch the city lights


friends, movie, and home image custom home libraries, home libraries photos, and home libraries designs image
the NY apartment would have a movie theater and the suburbs house would have a small office full of books

I will end the article here and continue in a part 2, the cottage house, stay tuned!