I may just be another basic fall b*tch (are cuss words allowed...?), but...actually, there is no but, that's it. I'm a basic b*tch, and I love autumn more than most things. So, naturally, I like to talk about it until people want to strangle me...which, thankfully, you can't do over the internet.

Inspired by articles like...

What signifies the start of autumn?

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September 1 (insert me August 31 vs September 1 meme) to maximize fall time

Where would you like to spend it?

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Vermont is constantly rated the best state to be in the fall...the leaves are beautiful and it has such a cozy charm

Favorite scent?

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Every fall chick loves candles, and I'm no exception. My favorite ones specifically are Sweater Weather and Leaves (B&BW). In general, I love any sweet pumpkin or smoky, bonfire scent.

Favorite song?

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Go ahead, roll your eyes, I'm expecting it because I listen to the Neighborhood religiously in the fall (especially the iconic Sweater Weather). I also recently discovered Tash Sultana, whose voice is mesmerizing (some faves are "Jungle" and "Notion")

Favorite color?

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Maroon or a brownish, almost rusty red and deep forest green.

Favorite foods?

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Pumpkin pie (!!! one of my top desserts ever, which is saying something for my hangry ass) and sweet potato (fries)

Halloween or Thanksgiving?

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Halloween is THE holiday imo, I've always had themed birthdays and stuff like that. Something about the ancient Celtic (I'm Irish) traditions, costumes, candy, and adrenaline

Favorite movies/shows?

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Halloweentown and Harry Potter (although I watch Harry Potter whenever I can tbh) Honorable mentions: Hocus Pocus, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story: Murder House/Coven)

Favorite trends?

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Plaid skirts (plaid anything, really) and dark/berry lip colors.

Okay so I'm getting a little bored (sorry, terrible attention span) but I hope this article inspires you, or at the very least makes you excited for the fall. Enjoy your PSL's ladies ;) (Hahahahahahahaha yikes I know I will).