Name: Alerim Teumessian
Age: 21
social status: Princess, Warrior.

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  • Race
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  • Class
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  • Alignment
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Lawful Good
  • Physically
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Short and curvy. She is always wearing her golden armour. Brown big eyes, tan skin and freckles, messy dark hair in a bun or low ponytail. some scars.
  • Personality
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calm, reserved, shy and cold. Always trying to be better.
  • Where is she from
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Teumessian kingdom, from the castle next to the sea.
  • Party Members

Edward Branovike(Party's Mage)

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He acts as the groups healer and supporter. He is a ginger nice, cute and lovely boy from the winter south lands. He is not physically strong and often helps Alerim with healing, they have an affair.

Arwen from Anartuille (Party's Elf and Bard)

fantasy, art, and illustration image beauty, black, and eyes image flowers, aesthetic, and music image food, chocolate, and Cookies image black, dark, and elf image africa, flute, and berber image
A sunny like personality, she plays some sort of magical ukulele and a flute. She's a food maniac and she has a huge crush in Gael. Alerim and her started as rivals, but now they have a deep friendship, respect and sorority between them,

Gael Laelaps (Party's Archer)

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White haired boy, tan skin, tall and athletic. They are Childhood best friends. The cutest platonic love and support, They train together both swords and body combat. Gael is as cold and reserved as her.

Jin Quon (Party's Rogue)

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Asian guy. Lived on the mountains, used to be a thief, is better now. A caothic bisexual bratt. The group's soul, moody and full of energy(good and bad).
  • Back story
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She always loved swords and fighting. Her father, the king, trained her in fight skills and cavalary. Today, her father is very sick, and she is alone in the world, going to an adventure with her party.