social media is great, right ?
it gives you the opportunity to talk to a person from a country you've never heard of. facetiming, calling, texting: endless chances to connect and no chance of feeling lonely.

at least that's what it is supposed to do: make people feel like they aren't alone.
but if you ask me, i have the feeling that people are more disconnected and lonely than ever.
and this is coming from someone who had endless internet friends, like seriously I stopped counting because I just had so many because of my fan account at that time. and instead of feeling full (& and the opposite of alone) I've ironically never been more depressed. of course it wasn't because of them, I loved them (till I realized what kind of assholes they can become but that's another topic) but I realized that the more i talked to my internet friends, the less I was interested or social with my 'real-life' friends.. don't get me wrong internet friends are amazing to rant, talk about problems, have fun, maybe even meet, etc but my point is: they can't fill that lonely hole in you.. (not that hole guys you know what I mean)

i don't know about you guys but sometimes when I'm with my friends or family I realize that I'm on my phone, unnecessarily scrolling through instagram knowing I'll forget what i saw in 30 minutes and i think to myself: damn man you should be spending time with reality so I look at them and see how they're on their phones themselves ... another question: do you all also have the habit of first unlocking your phone and then immediately and automatically clicking on social media ? it has become a habit and a routine for me which makes me mad because I know how time-consuming social media is.'i should be doing something productive right now' i think to myself while looking at the 84th meme of the day.

so let's all take a moment and travel in time when we were kids. what do you see ? personally I see myself playing with friends outside, scratching my knees and elbows, running when hearing the sound of the ice cream truck and then going back home when it gets dark, questioning: how did time pass ? and doing it all over again the next days.. the days i survived without social media. i know and accept the fact that time and habits change, I mean today kids are safer by having a phone to call their parents or whatever but right now I'm talking about how we survived days without instagram, snapchat, etc. Nowadays we are isolating ourselves, we prefer looking at our screens instead of our loved ones. and that's my point.

social media is disconnecting us from reality by distracting us all the time & everywhere and it is keeping us from connecting with 'real' people & our environment

in case you relate but don't want to relate: should i write an article about how to stop being affected by social media ?