On saturday and sunday I usually get up between 8 and 10am.

The first thing I do is open the windows to my room so that cold air can come in to help me stay refreshed. I also drink a coup of water first thing in the morning.

After that I go into the bathroom. I do my daily skincare and teeth brushing routine, say some self love affirmations into the mirror and then I take a shower.

I put on some comfortable clothes...

then I do some sports.

Depending on when I got up, I might do some reading now.

Some time between 12am and 1pm I eat lunch.

After lunch I study for about an hour or two.

Then I like to do something creative. Like drawing, dancing or writing.

This one depends on the day.

If it's saturday I spend some time with my friends at night and go eat dinner somewhere.

If it's sunday I eat at home...

then watch some TV with my family.

On saturday I usually go to bed sometime between 3am and 5am.

On sunday between 9pm and 12pm.