Yoooooou guys! September has arrived :')
I'm actually killing it right now, straight A's on my assignments in school, and today I got a full time job, starting monday!!! Tomorrow me and my parents are heading to a weekend at our summerhouse. Recharging the batteries and enjoy nature, family-time and self-care.

After two weeks at home, I start to feel like my new way of life is coming together. I'm lucky that my mom has a horse that I can ride when my abstinence get's too bad ;) But I really enjoy running right know and have also gotten into yoga.

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I'm starting my first real job ever on monday, which I'm soo nervous about. I do know that I'm gonna kill it though. I just wanted to update you guys about everything new that is coming up in my life, so I'll keep you posted. I hope to bring my camera to our cabin this weekend, would you like to see some pictures? xx.