Abusive image art, drawing, and hennkim image
cold blood, black heart i can see your lies in your eyes and it's hard to act like i'm fine no i've seen better times black heart - nothing,nowhere.
backrounds image rain, sad, and tumblr image
oh can you tell i haven't slept very well since the last time that we spoke, you said "please understand if i see you again don't even say hello" stay - mayday parade
red, aesthetic, and lollipop image aesthetic, girly, and lip image
i'm hanging out with someone else i think they like me too. will it last? it's hard to tell when everything feels so new. against her hips i find some help but i know it's not the truth. no matter what i tell myself she's not as good, she's not as good as you. i'm fine all night, feelings that i can't forget. i wish you were here sleeping next to me instead. i loved the way your skin would feel against my chest. i pray you're not the best that i will ever get. valentine's day - LANY
car, neon, and grunge image sky, purple, and sunset image
i miss you. where are you? and i'm so sorry i cannot sleep i cannot dream tonight. i need somebody and always this sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting every time. will you come and stop the pain tonight? i miss you - blink182
green, grunge, and aesthetic image purple, aesthetic, and light image
and i'm so sorry to my unknown lover, sorry that i can't believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me sorry - halsey