Hellooooo! In May I promised you a saga of articles about workout routines and, as you can see, I never continued the saga. I'm so sorry about that, because I have a lot of ideas for new articles that can help you, but I haven't taken a moment for write them all. I know that this is something very common for content creators but anyway I would like to be more consistent... I'll try to end this saga in September so we can move forward in new themes! Send me a message if you want to be featured in my next article :)

The first part of the saga. It's a legs and glutes workout routine

Today, I bring you the second part: ABS and BACK. I'm a dancer and for me is very important to have strong abs because it helps to have a better balance, better turns, etc. And it looks amazing. Besides, the back muscles are very often forgotten but it's necessary to train them it will make you have a better posture. Let's begin!

  • Plank: 2 minutes
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  • V-sit: 30 sec (This one is like holding the position)
workout, abs, and fitness image abs, exercise, and fitness image
  • Leg raises x20
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  • Supermans x20
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  • Donkey kicks x15
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  • Cobra stretch: 20 sec
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Repeat the set x3

I hope your abs and back is burning!! Share with me your results <3

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