Name : Nikol (short for Nikoleta)
Same age as me

Physical appearance

Temporarily removed bob and braid image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image piercing, lips, and grunge image
Has her hair either super duper long or chin short. Blue eyes with long lashes. Septum piercing.


Image removed Image by Sasscia aesthetic, artist, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image
She always wears bright red lipstick, some kind of damatic eyeliner and highlighter.


dress, fashion, and outfit image Image removed fashion, red, and dress image dress, black, and sexy image Image by SAMA Temporarily removed
She dress sexy and provocativly and doesn't care at all about what other people think about it. She wears a lot of red, black and silk.


quotes, words, and motivation image Temporarily removed ambition, Best, and career image Temporarily removed
Optimistic and determined, she knows what she is worth.


red, baby, and girl power image hearts, pink, and fun image Lyrics and Taylor Swift image red, heart, and heartbreaker image
She likes to seduce, she had numerous flirts and one night stand. She doesn't want to be in a relationship.


bisexual, holding hands, and lesbian image girl, lesbian, and kiss image black, love, and couple image couple, love, and Relationship image
Pansexual. Her longest relation was with a woman.