Are you like me own a lot of notebooks or even one and don't know what to do with it? well, I'm here to give you ideas and I hope you like them and fill your notebooks with them.

// writing daily life moments * highlights of your day or year //

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Write all your beautiful moments and document them so you can go back to them whenever you want. Write what you felt in that day, whether it's a good feeling to lift you up in your darkest days or a bad feeling so you can be reminded that everything goes away and the sun rises again.

// bullet journal * planner //

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I don't know about you, but I can't live without a planner. I'm not crazy about planning everything, but at least planning what I want to do this day or meetings I have that day or what I have to study so I don't forget

// monthly favorites //

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I love writing things I fell in love with, got obsessed with or inspired me. Movies I've watched, albums I've listened to, books I've read or artists I've discovered.

// goals you want you to achieve * bucket list //

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You need to do this even on a small paper and hang it up maybe? This helps you achieve your goals and get motivated. When you write things you want to buy, you will start saving up for them. Places you want to go to.. it's magic. Writing things I want to do or buy motivates me, I even write down what I want to draw or sketch.

// collage art //

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If you're not good at drawing but love art, this is for you. Collage art is so beautiful and artsy, you cut and glue things up (photos, words, gift wraps, torn up pages from magazines or books, dried flowers.. anything really) and create a beautiful piece of art.

// art journal * drawing * painting //

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Just like collage but here you can draw. Sketch anything you like, add stickers or words to your art. Paint landscapes, live sketches, play with different colors and techniques. Be creative.

// favorite poem, quotes, songs, lyrics..etc //

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I love this because it gives me motivation and inspire me to create art. Write down playlists, poem you love, quotes you love or lyrics. Movies you love to watch or even a watch list of all the things you want to watch in the future.

// travelling journal //

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If you're a traveler you MUST have this with you, a beautiful way to document your days in the most aesthetic and artistic way. Draw the places you've been to, or print the photos you took and write down where is it, the date, the feeling it gave you. But if you're like me, never been out of your hometown but love traveling, you can write down the places you wish you could visit and add photos as well. For me, I draw all the places and museums I wish to visit.

// photography //

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Nothing is better than having a book full of all the photo you've taken. Polaroids or prints of your photos and write down what you did that day or even better the feeling you've had and that way you can visit that day anytime you want.

I hope you like this article and it inspired you to fill your journal or even starting one.