Our generation is influenced a lot by the 1980s, a decade known for extreme fashions, such as "big hair", New Wave, punk rock and funk. The 1980s saw great advances in digital technology, but a lot happened as well on the pop-culture's side and else.

I noticed that my previous article "The 70's" has interested many of you, so I'm coming back today, with "the 80's". In those ones, you can find a list of facts from the decades concerned and a playlist.

I hope you'll enjoy :)


The Rubik's cube, Pac-Man, John Lennon
  • The Rubik's cube made its international debut at the toy fairs of London, Paris, Nuremberg and New York in January and February 1980. It was created by Ernล‘ Rubik.
  • The famous video game, "Pac-Man" is released on May 22
  • The singer and songwriter from the Beatles, John Lennon, is murdered on December 8 in New York


E.T, Calvin Klein, Tony Hawk
  • The gentle alien, "E.T" is introcued to the world on June 11
  • Calvin Kleinโ€™s first underwear ad featuring Tom Hintnaus stops traffic in Times Square
  • The skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk turns professional at 14 years old


Sally Ride, the Advanced Mobile Phone System, Michael jackson
  • American astronaut and physicist, Sally Ride becomes the first American woman to fly in space on June 18
  • The first cell phone call, "the Advanced Mobile Phone System" (AMPS), went online on October 13, 1983
  • The king of pop, Michael jackson releases the music video of "Thrillerโ€ on December 2


We are the world, Air Jordan1, The Breakfast Club
  • "We are the world", the charity song written by Michael jackson and Lionel Richie is is recorded in Los Angeles on January 28
  • The famous brand "NIKE" releases the "Air Jordan1" for $65
  • The popular teen movie, "The Breakfast Club" is released on September 11


Aretha Franklin, Andy Warhol, Dirty Dancing
  • The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • The pop art leading figure Andy Warhol dies February 22 in New-York at the age of 58
  • The legendary "Dirty Dancing" premieres on August 21 in the United States


Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Game Boy, The Berlin Wall, The Simpsons
  • On April 21, Nitendo begins selling the popular Game Boy
  • The Berlin Wall also called "The wall of Shame" is torn down on November 9
  • On this year, the world meets one of the craziest family "The Simpsons". The show premieres December 17

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